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Robin Hurt



Robin was born in London in 1945. He was the eldest son of the late Lt Col Roger Hurt D.S.O., Kenya Game Warden, Robin grew up on the Hurt family ranch on the shores of Lake Naivasha in Kenya and by the age of 18 Robin was a fully licensed Professional Hunter. Robin has hunted professionally in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Central African Republic, Congo, Botswana, Zambia, Ethiopia and Southern Africa. His clients from these safaris have hunted many record world class Big Game trophies. Robin has now retired from hunting big game in Tanzania. Robin and his wife Pauline are now spending more and more time on their ranch in Namibia where Robin enjoys hunting Plains Game. When not in Namibia, Robin can be found bird shooting in either England or Spain

Derek Hurt



Derek was born in 1966 in Kampala, Uganda. Derek obtained his PH license in the early 90’s and has been hunting professionally in Tanzania ever since. He has built up a loyal and ever expanding list of clientele. Derek also has a good understanding of hunting in Southern Africa. Derek enjoys guiding Photographic Safaris and another of his passions is game bird shooting. In February 2013 Derek took over from his father, Robin as Chairman of Robin Hurt Ltd. Derek is married to Belinda and they have two sons. They live on a farm in Arusha overlooking Mt Kilimanjaro.

Roger Hurt



Roger was born in 1980 in Nairobi, Kenya. He was schooled in both Kenya and the United Kingdom before spending 3 years at Newcastle University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Wildlife Biology with Honours. On leaving university Roger worked for a year on a farm in Suffolk, England before returning to Kenya to escort photographic safaris. Roger joined the family firm in 2003 and obtained his Professional Hunters license in 2005. As well as conducting his safari season Roger is Vice Chairman and also currently manages the group of companies.

Jonathan Howells


Jonathan was born in the United Kingdom in 1969 and moved to Tanzania with his parents in 1985. He completed his secondary education at the International School in Moshe Tanzania. Jonathan returned to the United Kingdom in 1989, where he served with Her Majesty’s Royal Marine Commandos and after several deployments, he left the Royal Marines in 1996 to further his career. Jonathan returned to East Africa in 1996 and joined Robin Hurt Safaris. Jonathan is now the Arusha based Managing Director of Robin Hurt Safaris Tanzania Ltd and lives together with his wife Claire and 2 daughters in Arusha.

John Ngalesoni


John was born in Tanzania, in 1966. He obtained a diploma in Wildlife Management and worked in Tanzania’s Wildlife Division. John joined Robin Hurts Safaris in 1998 to assist with anti-poaching and community development before obtaining his PH license in 2005. When not out in the field hunting John is based in the Arusha office and is Director of Operations for the Tanzanian company.

Patrick Carey


Patrick (Paddy) was born in England in 1986 and grew up learning to shoot on the family estate. Paddy finished his schooling in England and started work immediately as an under keeper/stalker on a large estate in Wiltshire UK. Having done this for four years, Paddy went to agricultural college before starting work as a keeper on a commercial shoot in Devon. In early 2007, Paddy left England for East Africa. He joined Robin Hurt Safaris Tanzania Ltd. as a trainee Professional Hunter and obtained his full license in 2010. Paddy is an exceptional hunter. He has a deep love of Tanzania and its wildlife and is an ideal companion to have on safari. When not hunting or leading photographic safaris, Paddy plays a vital role in the office in Arusha managing our vehicle workshops.

Oliver Barton


Born in Ireland in 1948, and first licensed as a Professional Hunter in 1987. Oliver has worked as an Honorary Game Warden, Game Manager and Farm Manager. He lives with his wife Jenny in Nanyuki on the foot-hills of Mount Kenya. Oliver has worked with Robin Hurt Safaris for the past 25 years and is rightly regarded as one of Africa’s foremost PH's.

Daniel Mousley


Daniel Mousley was born in Kenya in 1983 and today, Dan manages Robin and Pauline Hurt's ranch in Namibia and the neighbouring Mount Barry Wilderness and Red Hills. In 2011 Dan was licensed as a PH and now spends his time managing these ranches and hunting professionally. Dan has a tremendous sense of humour and is great company around the camp fire. In addition to managing Gamsberg Ranch, Dan is now the Managing Director of Robin Hurt Namibia.

Natasha Illum-Berg


Natasha was born in 1971 and raised in Sweden by generations of hunters, explorers & wildlife conservationists. Natasha grew up on a wildlife estate belonging to her family and was very much involved in wildlife management and hunting. She moved to Africa at the age of 18 and obtained her PH licence in 1993, and became the first female PH member of the APHA. She lives and works in Tanzania full time and is particularly passionate about buffalo hunting. Natasha is also an internationally acclaimed author of 5 books (biographical stories and fiction) which have all been published in nine languages. She often takes part in debates on hunting and conservation in general. Natasha is currently working on making a wildlife documentary.

Sean Kelly


Sean was born in South Africa in 1981. Sean is a third generation Professional Hunter and hunting is in his blood. At high school in South Africa, Sean excelled at cricket and was offered a place at the Northern Transvaal Cricket Academy. Selection for the National team beckoned. Sadly for Sean he sustained a back injury and was released from his contract and has been hunting professionally ever since. Sean was first licensed as a Professional Hunter in 2001 and has been hunting all over Africa ever since. Sean is married with a young daughter and they spend their free time fishing in South Africa and Norway.

Josh Perret


A 5th Generation Kenyan born in 1981. Josh was first licenced as a PH in 2001 and has been hunting Tanzania with Robin Hurt Safaris ever since. When Josh is not hunting in Tanzania or escorting camel safaris in the Northern Frontier, he can be found at home in Laikipia helping out on the family's 30,000 acre ranch. Josh is a natural PH and loves life in the bush. He has a tremendous sense of humour and is well regarded as a leading Tanzania Professional Hunter.

Gordon Church


Gordie was born in Kenya in 1969.
He obtained an honours degree in Wildlife Management at the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester. In spite of a double invitation to join the Royal Marine Commandos and the Household Cavalry of the British Army, Gordie's longing to return to the wilderness prevailed. With his professional hunting licence obtained in 1995, his career as a hunter in Tanzania and the Central African Republic began and has continued ever since. He has a profound knowledge of the bush and an ethical style of hunting, which when combined with his humour and charm, makes for an unforgettable hunting experience. When Gordie is not hunting,
he guides and outfits horse riding and wildlife photographic safaris throughout East Africa.

Alistair James


Alistair was born in Maryland, USA and came to Tanzania in 2002 to do his hunting apprenticeship. Alistair has hunted professionally across most areas in Tanzania as well as Cameroon. Alistair is a hunting addict and hunts prolifically on both a personal and professional basis throughout the year. He is a pleasure to be on safari with and his enthusiasm and excitement in the field is contagious.

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