Robin Hurt - 55 Years as a Professional
Hunter & Conservationist


From an early age, Robin developed a passion for both hunting and wildlife. His father, Lt Col Roger Hurt D.S.O. was a Game Warden, and as a teenager Robin assisted with wildlife management in the area; game cropping and problem animal control.

By the age of 18, Robin had already completed his apprenticeship with Ker & Downey Safaris in Kenya and had become a fully licensed Professional Hunter.

Robin hunted with Tanganyika Wildlife Corporation in 1964 and with Uganda Wildlife Corporation from 1965 to 1966. On returning to Kenya, Robin was a full time Professional Hunter with Ker and Downey until 1973. At this time Robin decided to start his own safari company and founded Robin Hurt Safaris in Kenya and the Sudan.
In 1984 Robin set up Tanzania Game Tracker Safaris, which he later sold, and Robin Hurt Safaris, Tanzania
was formed in 1993.

Over the years, he has hunted professionally in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Central African Republic, Zaire, Botswana, Zambia and Namibia.


Robin Hurt with a brace of Buffalo. Hunted in Ziwani, Kenya, 1965

Many of his clients have hunted world record class Big Game trophies under his guidance. Robin has also been presented with many prestigious hunting and conservation awards during his 55 years as a professional hunter.

Robin has always been passionate about wildlife, and is considered as much a conservationist as a hunter. In 1990, together with Mr. Joseph F. Cullman 3rd, Robin set up The Cullman and Hurt Community Wildlife Project in Tanzania, to promote wildlife and habitat conservation through sustainable use of a renewable wildlife resource. This project helped turn poachers into anti-poachers, and received international recognition. It is still considered to be one of Tanzania's greatest conservation success stories. This project is now known as The Robin Hurt Wildlife Foundation. Together with his wife, Pauline, they also started "Habitat for Rhino" a rhino conservation and breeding program on their ranch in Namibia.

He was a Founding Member of the African Professional Hunters Association (APHA), which promotes and protects the interests of sport hunting in Africa by promoting "fair chase" ethical hunting and conservation through sustainable utilization.

Robin played a leading role in the movie : In the Blood, by George Butler and has also written a book entitled "Hunting the Big Five" about his big game hunting experiences. He has featured in countless hunting books, articles, scientific publications and television documentaries over his career.

He has always stood by the philosophy that "For wildlife to survive in a changing Africa, it must be a competitive form of land use benefiting human communities". After spending most of his life in East Africa, Robin has now made his home in Namibia, where he continues to guide plains game hunts from his ranch; Gamsberg & Mt Barry Wilderness.


Robin At work with his Rhino Conservation Program at Gamsberg & Mount Barry Wilderness, Namibia 2017.

We would like to congratulate him on his remarkable career, and wish him many more adventures still to come.

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Robin Hurt Safaris -
55 Years as a professional hunter and


From an early age, Robin developed a passion for both hunting and wildlife. His father, Lt Col Roger Hurt D.S.O. was a Game Warden, and as a teenager Robin assisted with wildlife management in the area...


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I had been mulling this hunt over for many years after an article I had read about hunting on horseback on Mount Longido. After some research I decided to book with
Robin Hurt Safaris who have great
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Robin Hurt Safaris attending
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Robin Hurt Safaris will be attending the following shows early next year and we very much look forward to catching up with
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